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About AWMC

About AWMC – Who We Are

AWMC is an Australian Communication and Media consulting agency that has been helping companies, government and NGOs and public sector organisations build Public Relations with their stakeholders since 1997.

Experience and Capacity.

Based in Sydney, Australia, AWMC has established almost 20 years of strong networks with numerous media personalities within the industry. We can arrange for these influencers to represent and promote your brand to hundreds of thousands of their followers and fans. We’ve also invested over a decade in cultivating genuine relationships with major media entities in Australia and the region. We’ve also established a strong network of international affiliates to broaden our reach, ensuring the best exposure results for our clients. We deliver what we promise. As professionals, we’re not interested in making the sale; we’re after sustainable partnerships. That’s why we manage client expectations, balance creativity with realistic targets, and push ourselves to set new benchmarks. Our passionate professionals team of media, publishing, events, digital, and PR personnel gives you access to a rich and well-rounded talent pool to support your corporate communications and initiatives. One of the perks of having AWMC on your side is you can rest assured knowing that you have a professional organisation that can accommodate your needs

Our Service :

Our services include Consultancy, Media Relations and Liaison, Strategic Content, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Media monitoring, reporting and archiving, Local and regional print and online media coverage, Media tours, press conferences, multi-media productions, films, documentaries, DVD’s, Online Video Production and much more.

Recent Projects: